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Game of Skill, Strategy, and Speed. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.

Simply match two or more matching Cheesar characters. Learn the strategies and power patterns in the swipes to get to higher levels and get the #1 spot on the Global Leader board.

Collect as many cute little Cheesars as fast as your fingers can swipe! Swipe your finger over matching Cheesars before your time runs out. You can swipe up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backtrack over swiped Cheesars. Just make sure your finger doesn't leave the screen. But remember, you must swipe at least two or more matching Cheesars.

The game timer starts with 60 seconds. When you level up, you will get more time - the higher the level, the more time you are given.

LEVELS: To reach a new level, a target score must be reached. There are bonus points awarded for clearing each level (see Scoring section below).

If you swipe 2 Cheesars, you get 4 points (2 x 2 = 4). If you swipe 3 Cheesars, you get 9 points (3 x 3 = 9), and so on. The more Cheesars swiped, the higher the score. Bonus points will be given for clearing each level, the higher the level, the higher the bonus points.
If you swipe with any of the Power Cheese (see the Power Cheese section below), the score is increased accordingly. For instance, if you swipe the "2x" Power Cheese, then the swipe score is doubled.

Earn and collect cheese points during each game to unlock Power Cheese for future games which can add more time to your game and increase scoring opportunities. Posting your score to Facebook will gain you 10 bonus cheese points. You can also get bundle deals on cheese points in the App Store.

These are wild and can be swiped with any other cheesars.

  1. Any Power Cheese with an "x" on it means they are multipliers. For example, "2x" will double the swipe score.
  2. Any Power Cheese with a "+" on it means they add time to the timer. For example, "+5" will add 5 sec to the timer.


  1. Swipe an entire row to have a "3x" multiplier power cheese dropped into play.
  2. Swipe an entire column to have a "4x" multiplier power cheese dropped into play.
  3. Swipe a complete perfect square (3x3 or greater) to have a multiplier Power Cheese dropped into play (larger squares will give larger multipliers).


  1. Clear early levels quickly to accumulate time for higher levels to obtain maximum high scores.
  2. The more Cheesars swiped, the higher the score given. Save and build up groups of matching Cheesars to be swiped later.
  3. Use Power Cheese to increase the game time to achieve higher levels and scores.
  4. Group multiplier power cheeses together. For example, swiping two "2x" Power Cheeses will quadruple the swipe score.
  5. Create "Power Patterns" to be granted additional Power Cheese into play.